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[PLAYER will remain attached to MEATORB at ALL TIMES]

very in-development, incredibly early access ecosystem simulator with anime girls and cartoon cops

- animations arent working for main character

- NPC wandering with pathfinding, no purpose, no drive, just walking. i want to figure out a way for the cops to wander until they come across an anime girl then chase her and eat her. the anime girls will act the same way with gems or some shit, i dunno. if an NPC eats enough they will find another matching well fed NPC they will collide and make a third.

- made with daggerfall tools for unity, i don't know if it will work if you don't have daggerfall installed

- i thought i put sound effects in here but i don't hear any

- the chain is really laggy

- im not gonna bother fixing the chain

- its weird that jumping works in the web player but not in unity

- i should add a map marker for the MEATORB